Omah - UIKit App

Omah is a product of UI Real Estate Aksantara (UIKit Code App). Developed in a modern style that has a simple and clean design, more "white space" and focus on content. Download and Get It On Google Playstore.


SIMK3 is an android-based application for monitoring the condition of fire extinguishers in the engineering faculty. The SIMK3 application makes it easy for users to carry out APAR inspections, view APAR conditions in detail and monitor APAR inspection reports.

Mother - Monitoring Kehamilan Berisiko

Are you pregnant? Want to check your content? Or want to know information about pregnancy? We are here for the solution. Where the MOTHER application "Monitoring Risky Pregnancy" is a pregnancy monitoring application aimed at mothers who are pregnant to control the fetus in it. Whether the milan is at risk or not. And MOTHER also comes with various information about pregnancy that mothers can know, so that mothers can take care of their fetus safely.

Safasindo FM

Radio Safasindo applies a broadcast format that is cooler for the people to hear by combining balanced entertainment and information, showing its capabilities as a medium of Information, Education, Motivation, and Entertainment, with illustrations of Culture, Religion with potential listeners of more than 750 thousand people.

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